[COLUMN] Fellows’ Service Week

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The fourth cohort of Kashim Ibrahim fellows returned back to the business that allowed them to participate in Kaduna government’s leadership and mentorship program

Popularly referred to as Gamji’s Class designed and executed every action in this part of the course Community Service first week, which ran from December 6 to 10.

In short, The Kashim Ibrahim Scholarship Set to expose future generations of Nigerians to be exposed the public service with the aim of forming a vibrant group of people who are aware of the difficulties facing the system and who have an intense desire to improve Nigeria in a way that makes it better. Community Service Week is celebrated every year, is a key component of the group. It aims to address issues that are identified in the communities.

Awareness-raising campaign to address the problem of malnutrition

Over 150 people were taught about the negative effects of maternal malnutrition, best methods to feed babies and children, in addition to sanitation and hygiene as well as the use of local-sourced foods, such as Tombrown as well as Tamba in their programmes. meal. After that, they received the food they needed to help them.

The fellows tutored instructors from Sultan Bello Primary School on the 2nd day of their week of community service. They are guided by a brief overview of the visually Auditory and Kinematic Models of learning, emotional intelligence, as along with conflict resolution as well as understanding the SDGs, children with ADHD, as well as Dyslexia, Namse Udosen, Facilitator. Teachers were given with a certificates.

Course and training on the future of work in a knowledge based economy

At the conference, there participants discussed a wide range of topics, including personal efficiency in managing your time and employability skills along with creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking, as well as solving problems. They had an audience of 132.

Prof. Kabir Mato, the Commissioner of Business, Innovation and Technology presented his work by the State Government. Kaduna State Government has been working hard to bridge gaps in the youth job market. Muhammad Sani Abdullahi, the Commissioner for the Planning and Budget Commission, made a short presentation on good governance and actively participating in the process of election and the importance of obtaining PVCs. After his presentation, Blue Camel Energy was awarded scholarship awards, and Jobberman handed out certificates to all participants.

A gift library for the Sultan Bello Kindergarten and Primary School

It was authorized by the Hajiya Hadiza Isma El-Rufai, the wife of Governor Kaduna State. In her speech, she talks about the importance of literacy and education . She officially established the school into Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation Libraries. She also pledged to donate many materials to the library, and to expand it.

They also provided instruments, sheets, drapes for running water pillows, solar air conditioning panels refrigerators for vaccines, televisionsand medicines as well as portable tablets for collecting information and remotely administer medicines. Daiyabu Muhammad, general manager of the Kaduna State Facilities Management Agency who appointed the PHC as well as the community leaders, directed the PHC and PHC staff to ensure care to maintain the hospital. The facility. The equipment.

Community Service Week was supported by the Kaduna State Government as well as The Yasmin El-Rufai Fund (YELF), Hajiya Hadiza El-Rufai and Blue Camel Energy. Other sponsors include Ammah Contractors, RONCHESS and Ploutos as well as Jobberman and Toastmasters. MTN, Outsource Global, European Business University, Luxemborg and 212C Skills have also been a part of the program. Also, Yaks Media, Utiva Jobs, Nigerian Breweries, KADRIMA, Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRiN), Gusau Institute, Sultan Bello Old Pupils Association, Lanh Bookplace along with Majedo & Partners Ltd, Elephant HealthCare, Channels TV, PHC Maraban Jos, DPO, Maraban Jos, Alive and Thrive, Majedo and Partners, UNICEF and many more. It was impossible to complete this task without their assistance!

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