Guardian Agriculture Launches with $ 10.5 Million Funding to Modernize Crop Protection with Precision Powered by eVTOL

With the backing of some of the world’s largest agribusiness leaders, the company is bringing precision farming and digital farming to the Americas with the first standalone eVTOL crop protection system, built in the United States.

Guardian Agriculture, the pioneer of eVTOL-powered crop protection, came out stealthily with a $ 10.5 million seed funding round led by Leaps by Bayer with participation from FMC Ventures, Wilbur-Ellis’ Cavallo Ventures, Fall Line Capital, the affiliate of MIT Fonds E14, Pillar VC and Neoteny. To date, Guardian has raised $ 15.5 million in total funding. Led by a seasoned management team with extensive experience with stand-alone systems from Apple, Otto and Uber, Guardian Agriculture has developed a first-ever integrated eVTOL system for precision application, extending grower reach, reducing environmental impact and minimizing the resistance of the product. The investment follows 18 months of intensive R&D with partners in several high added value crops.

Offered as a service, Guardian Agriculture’s eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) autonomous farming systems intelligently collect and act on the data generated throughout the crop protection process. When deployed on a large scale, the systems are able to eliminate hundreds of millions of pounds of unnecessary pesticide use each year while helping farmers grow healthier and better protected crops. “We believe eVTOL is the crop protection model of the future,” said Adam Bercu, CEO and co-founder of Guardian Agriculture. “Guardian Agriculture’s technology offers enormous benefits to both producers and the environment.

Guardian Agriculture addresses one of the biggest challenges facing farmers today: the difficulty of safe, efficient and sustainable crop protection. Traditional chemical approaches are reaching the limits of their effectiveness and are accompanied by a number of potential negative effects on the environment. To continue to maximize yields and feed a growing population, new, more targeted technologies that also help farmers’ bottom lines are needed. Guardian Agriculture’s platform is the first solution to combine crop health information with the means to act, seamlessly bridging the gap between knowing a problem and responding on the ground. “Reducing the environmental impact of agriculture is one of our main areas of focus,” said Juergen Eckhardt, manager of Leaps by Bayer. “By integrating data and information into tools large enough to serve commercial farms, Guardian Agriculture provides crop protection that improves farmers’ profitability while simultaneously minimizing environmental side effects. “

“We view Guardian Agriculture as a crop protection technology that uses robotics to do more with less and do it in a safe and sustainable manner,” said Amar Singh, Managing Director of FMC Ventures. “It was a deeply technical team that fundamentally redesigned the system to optimize it for aerial application.”

Guardian Agriculture’s crop protection system comes in handy immediately, without the need for additional technological advancements or infrastructure changes. “We can use eVTOL technology to make a dramatic change in crop protection today and then expand to other areas in the future,” said Jeff Sparks, COO of Guardian Agriculture. Habib Haddad, managing partner of MIT-affiliated E14 fund, agreed. “We believe in eVTOL’s ability to open up the skies as an infrastructure, and we don’t need to wait for urban air mobility to become a reality. Guardian Agriculture is able to deploy their eVTOL system in the short term, and in doing so, they are building a huge advantage in terms of experience, autonomous flying hours and data. “

The investment will allow Guardian Agriculture to accelerate the development and production of its crop protection system to meet initial demand. In addition to backing from some of the world’s largest agribusiness leaders, Guardian Agriculture has amassed a backlog of over $ 20 million in service reservation agreements with farmers and operators at the nationwide and is rapidly increasing its capacity.

“This is the first new aerial technology to have a significant impact on American farms,” said Mike Wilbur, CEO of Cavallo Ventures at Wilbur-Ellis. “We believe it can be deployed cost effectively and quickly and we look forward to working with Guardian Agriculture to deploy their technology to our customers and partners. “

“The erosion of ditch banks and barren field edges and the large-scale breeding for resistance caused by the aerial application sets off a destructive chain of events that melts all this landscape, and the productivity that this enjoys. farmer is stolen from a thousand future generations. “Said Clay Mitchell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fall Line Capital.” With the entire Guardian Agriculture solution designed around precise control of droplets from nozzle to target, the real goal of protection is Deployment of this technology across our national farmland portfolio is critical to both our farms and our ecosystem. “

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About Guardian Agriculture

Guardian Agriculture is the pioneer of precision agriculture powered by eVTOL. Backed by some of the world’s largest agribusiness leaders, the company is transforming crop protection with the first integrated eVTOL system, made in the United States and on a commercial scale specifically designed for agriculture. Offering data-driven crop protection as a service, Guardian Agriculture helps farmers grow in a sustainable and profitable way. For more information visit and follow @gardienagri.

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