Hana Bank successfully arranges 100 billion won green loan for eco-friendly projects

Hana Bank successfully arranges 100 billion won green loan for eco-friendly projects

Begins to develop an elderly care industry platform for the payment of elderly care service fees

New Chairman Park Sung-ho of Hana Bank.

Hana Bank announced that it had set up green loans for eco-friendly projects worth 100 billion won on March 2.

A green loan is used exclusively for environmentally friendly projects, such as new and renewable energies, electric vehicles and improving energy efficiency.

A third party organization examines how the loan will be used and for what purpose. Then a financial institution provides the loan under green finance.

The 100 billion won green loan organized by Hana Bank supports national wind power generation projects for renewable energy production.

The project obtained a certificate for a green loan from Deloitte Anjin Accounting Corporation, a third-party certification agency.

“With the introduction of the green loan, Hana Bank will not only have more confidence in environmentally friendly financial products, but will help spread green finance in accordance with the Green New Deal led by the Korean government,” said an official from Hana Bank. .

Park Ji-hwan (right), CIB group vice president at Hana Bank and Park Jae-byung, CEO of Caredoc, reach business deal to promote joint elderly care projects in signing ceremony at Hana Bank headquarters on March 16. (Photos: Bank Hana)

Meanwhile, Hana Bank plans to launch personalized financial services through the development of a platform for the money industry.

Hana Bank announced on March 18 that it had signed a business agreement with Caredoc, a senior services brokerage company, to promote joint projects to care for the elderly.

Caredoc is a personalized senior care platform company courting nursing facilities and senior care service experts nationwide.

IIt is the # 1 platform company in the industry, with more than 1,700 active caregivers per month and 30,000 actual users.

Through this agreement, the two companies will cooperate in the development of a nursing care expense payment and settlement system, the provision of personalized financial products and services for the elderly care market, and the joint development of platforms for the elderly care sector.

Hana Bank will provide personalized financial products such as trusts for dementia patients and senior insurance for platform users, starting with the development of a settlement automation system such as transfer money as caregiver costs.

In addition, Caredoc will continue to strengthen its cooperation with Hana Bank in joint systems development in order to expand its activities as an “elderly care platform” which can provide comprehensive services to the elderly, such as food products. , medical and wellness. and funeral services.

“The paradigm is changing, as the number of new senior citizens increases, as the senior car industry grows thanks to an increase in the senior population,” said a CIB group official from Hana Bank. .

“Hana Bank plans to expand the diverse cooperation and platform activities for a new era of senior care services by large enterprises.”

Hana Bank currently operates 26 branches across China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao. In 2020, Hana Bank China reported net profit of 84.5 billion won, a 10-fold increase from 7.5 billion won a year earlier.

The Chinese subsidiary of Hana Bank saw its net profit fall 86% year on year in 2019 due to the US-China trade dispute and an economic slowdown in China.

In 2020, Hana Bank actively secured mobile customers by launching affiliate products and opening mobile branches in cooperation with Chinese companies.

The Chinese subsidiary of Hana Bank launched a digital mobile loan service in partnership with the Chinese online travel platform Ctrip in 2020.

The Loan Service provides short-term, small amount financing services similar to credit cards for retail customers based on Ctrip’s mobile platform.

Hana Bank China has opened a mobile branch exclusively for users of Alipay, a third-party mobile and online payment platform in China by partnering with Alibaba Ant Group.

The launch of the mobile branch has enabled Hana Bank China to sell various deposit products to one billion customers who use Alipay.

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