Job opportunity, job boom next year; Record 9 million frontline jobs will be created, see which sectors are in demand – Job seekers alert in 23, a record 9 million frontline jobs will be created IG News

New Delhi: According to data from frontline workforce management platform BetterPlace, India’s labor market is expected to add a record 9 million jobs in 2023, up from 8 million jobs created over the past year. fiscal year 2022. Sectors such as logistics and mobility, e-commerce, facilities management, information technology, retail and quick service restaurants, manufacturing, and banking and financial services are considered some of the key drivers for the coming months.

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The above news comes at a time when businesses have opened offices, service activities have resumed post-Covid and companies are looking to ramp up work to meet the expected surge in festive demand. At the same time, there has been a significant increase in demand from the manufacturing sector, especially for various greenfield projects and new businesses, as well as from the banking and fintech sectors. Apart from this, the growing rush in malls and physical stores ahead of the festive season is also adding to the demand for labor from the retail sector.

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Meanwhile, the most in-demand job profiles include telesales executives, field survey associates, data analysts, customer service, warehouse and delivery personnel, maintenance personnel housekeeping and security guards. The last six months have also seen increased use of technology adoption among frontline employees, with a focus on increasing efficiency and productivity. However, according to data from BetterPlace’s Frontline Index 2022 report, a monthly average of 12% and labor shortages have become major challenges for businesses in all sectors.

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Retail and quick service restaurants (QSR) reported the highest average monthly attrition rate of 19% in fiscal year 2022, followed by e-commerce at 15%. In addition, other businesses such as BFSI, Logistics, Manufacturing & Integrated Facilities Management, and Computing (Information Technology) saw monthly declines of 10-14%. Additionally, the frontline industry remained male-dominated. In this, 97% of employees are men and only 3% are women. Some of the main reasons for the low participation of women in this sector are lack of flexibility, long working hours and taxation of jobs.

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