Kansas Governor to Help Facilities Affected by COVID Outbreak | Health

As for the latest statement, Kelly said, “Extending it until the end of March will get us through this push.”

Kelly also said there was reason for optimism: While Kansas has seen a record number of new cases, it hasn’t seen such a big spike in hospitalizations or deaths.

Yet the warnings from Kansas hospitals have grown increasingly severe.

Jacobsen said that when half of the Kansas City area hospitals turn patients away because of high volumes, ambulances take patients to full hospitals anyway because there is no choice.

He said the system hits that point almost every day, adding that even hospitals that don’t turn away patients are warning they don’t have beds or their CT scanners aren’t available.

“It’s exhausting and it leads to burnout and it’s a mess,” he said.

The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, treats 133 COVID-19 patients, has 750 employees due to COVID-19 and had to cancel half of its scheduled operations on Wednesday.

“These are people who need surgery,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr Steve Stites. “It’s not like it’s elective cases that somebody just wants to do, you know, a tummy tuck.”

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