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Take 5 for Safety is a monthly article designed to give equipment and event rental stores the information they need to run a five-minute safety meeting on a particular topic. Below are the talking points for this month’s meeting. The Take 5 for Safety sign-up sheet can be downloaded below. This can be used to take attendance during the meeting.

Introduction: When it comes to keeping your business safe for customers, the key words are vigilance and immediacy. If the corporate culture is safety first, customers will be at less risk of injury and, therefore, expose the company to less risk of legal action. Employees who notice and react to problems as they arise keep everyone safe.

Here are some safety tips to consider: When displaying or storing tools with sharp edges, the cutting surface should be away from the aisle so that passing customers do not get cut.. Keep sharp tools out of the reach of children.

Exhibition halls must be safe for children. Children have a natural curiosity, which can lead to minor and major injuries if equipment is not stored properly.

Periodically inspect your store at eye level, remembering that some people are shorter or taller than you. Explore your business as a customer – view articles from all angles. Is there anything sticking out that could have hit you in the eyes or in the face? For example, stakes and pegboards that hold merchandise should be just long enough to hold the equipment and away from eye level.

Stack shelves and items correctly. Stack heavier items on lower shelves and place lighter goods higher. Also consider how high the items are stacked and whether this could present the danger of knocking down customers.

Secure display hardware to prevent tipping. Some pieces of equipment, such as compaction equipment, are very heavy. Secure them to a stationary object to prevent them from tipping over.

Bad weather brings dangers inside and out. Immediately remove snow and ice from driveways and parking lots. Use mats, wipe clean, and post “wet floor” signs to prevent slips, trips and falls.

It is essential to have clear and visible signage from the parking lot indicating to people where to pick up and drop off equipment. Statistics show that many crashes occur while saving. Reduce the need to back up to minimize the risk of employees and customers backing up into other vehicles, equipment or people.


  • Think about the entrances to your business in different weather conditions and list ways to make them safer.
  • Make separate lists of sharp objects, heavy objects, and objects that could easily tip over. Discuss how they are currently displayed and if any changes need to be made.
  • View or browse your work area – identify trip hazards and ways to rectify the situation.
  • Discuss signage – inside and out. Is the lettering large enough to be read from a distance and in a simple font? Are the instructions clear? Discuss the changes.
  • Think about traffic, inside and out. Can a customer performing equipment injure an incoming customer? Do customers have to save their vehicles in the yard? Brainstorm ways to improve traffic flow.
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