Zara invests in a seat of 238 million euros

Zara has invested 238 million euros in a new head office that will house Zara’s sales and design teams within the Inditex complex in Arteixo. Construction of the new headquarters will begin in January, subject to the necessary permits, and is expected to take around two years.

The new facilities, designed with an emphasis on their lines, large open spaces, energy efficiency and sustainability references, aim to strengthen the horizontal working dynamic between designers, model makers and sales professionals. , supported by creativity and articulated around openness, collaboration and communication. The new five-storey building (with two other underground floors for parking) will complement the visual identity of the adjacent offices, which host’s operations.

Zara to set up multi-million euro headquarters in Artexio

The building will be predominantly white and feature large horizontal windows with protruding eaves to provide protection from the sun while flooding the interiors with natural light. A structural trellis will introduce pillars generating huge open spaces that will further facilitate dynamic workflows between different departments.

The plans, designed by Batlleiroig, the architectural firm behind the recent expansion of Zara’s facilities in Arteixo and several brand headquarters, are based on an orderly and structured design of flexible workspaces that lend themselves to to single and multiple reconfigurations. . The proportions and dimensions of this immense building give it a “form factor” which, with its highly insulated facades and roof, reduces its energy consumption and facilitates energy self-sufficiency, thanks to the energy that comes from be extracted from three new wind turbines located in the La Coruña region. Outer port.

The new building will be equipped with a new generation facilities management system to ensure that its various elements always work in efficient harmony, constantly adapting them according to indoor and outdoor temperatures and air quality. By using technology in the design phase, the impact of the construction process will be minimized in the interest of sustainability. This industrialization, coupled with an intensive use of recycled materials, will reduce the carbon footprint of the works and the production of waste. It will meet the stringent requirements of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) sustainable building benchmark – and Zara hopes to achieve its highest certification, LEED Platinum.

Each of the sales team floors will have two large connected workspaces. Two large longitudinal outdoor spaces adjacent to the east and north facades will be added to the existing space outside the dotcom building, promoting the health and well-being of users, in accordance with the strategy launched at Inditex headquarters in 2018 modernization and integration of the exterior spaces of the complex. A grid of gateways will connect the different parts of the new building with the adjacent buildings to ensure internal connectivity to the complex and optimal interaction between the different services.

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